Satanic - Handy - Individual - Nurtured for Accurate - Nanotechnology, Impartial - Gratification and Advanced - Nullification.Standard!

(Hence the.. sick sick sick sickness!)

Ya could say i've been around the music scene a good few years now.
were talking like from raving back in 1995 onto 1998 where i started off with some Mcing as the Subtalkformer aka Shinobi D
then later moving on to become a DJ as my interest in music grew deeper & this is still the case more or less expanding as time goes by while trying to keep a sense of originality with my style & being inspired by the works of compositions of...
Aphex Twin, Amex, Audio, Antichristus, Axiom, AnnGree, Beat2, Break, Brakeage, Bryan Gee, BTK, BSE, Bes , Caliber, Cativo, C4C, Calyx, Current Value, Cooh, Centaspike, Cern,Chris SU, D.Bridge, Dean Rodell, Dilinja,Digital, Dylan,Donny, Ed Rush, EBK, Eye-D, Flame, Gancher, Gridlok, Hidden, Hedj (R.I.P), Jike, Kantyze, Katharsys, Klute, Loxy, Leatha Mayhem, Maztek, Mampi Swift, Machine Malicious, Meth, Naibu, Nosisa, Ogonek, Prolix, Phace, Propaganda,Phobia, Vicious Circle,Raiden, Redeye, Ruin, Sabre, Spor, S.P.L, TeeBee, Trouble, Upbeats, Yabol, Zero-T & many many many more...

I've had a few residence's n some still on going with crews such as...

Breadbins (Bradford)
Depthcutz (Halifax)
R:evolve (Bradford)
Skank (Halifax)
Future (Huddersfield)
Delta7 (Bradford)
Fusion (Leeds)
Quake (Halifax)

Also played a few other nights & venues across the board just to mention a few..

Four front - Legends of The Dark Black (Leeds)
Substance (Bradford)
Cheeky (Leeds)
Unification (Leeds)
Subdub (Leeds)
Asylum (Sheffield)
Liquid (Huddersfield)

This has given me a chance to work alongside & meet some quite well known talented artists & many more others unknown that could still do just as good a job holding tight sets & forwarding some enjoyable skills, all of which i have a degree of respect for in this mainly fun loving obsession we share that at times i personally find tiresome due to some of the negativity unavoidably surrounding myself & others with in this scene but i deal with it in my own way as standard.

Currently i play a selection of subgenre D&B..
Techstep/Neurofunk, Drill & Bass, Deep Liquid along with some Intelligent Minimal & a dash of Jump Up & Dubstep, Future Garage etc..


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Big shouts to my bro Max pon the pictures

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